Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Homework 29th May

Keys from Cantabria's reading:
1C, 2C, 3C, 4B, 5C, 6C, 7B, 8B,9C,10B
1.- activities
2.- reaching
3.- debt
4.- by/only
5.- showed
6.- masking
7.- research
8.- incredibly
9.- rise
10.- ease

More info about the writing exam: No dictionaries allowed, 50 minutes, we must include a lay out (will be compulsory), pay attention which kind of text type should we use... and of course, be lucky!!

Our last reading, for today, Wednesday 29th
Don't waste your time looking for it, because it was given by our teacher in class

Exercise of Grammar inversion --> Today Wednesday!
Writing a Proposal: Exercise 1 (For next Monday,I guess!!)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Homework 22sd May 2013

Hi to everyone! We are almost on the final line... But classes will be longer than we expected. It means that last day will be the 12th of June, unbelievable!!
        Anyway, focusing in what have we made on Monday... we checked the activities of Opposite and the 2012's exam. And here you are the solutions in case you want to know more or less how is your level:
0 F, 1H, 2G, 3D, 4C, 5J, 6F
O T, 7 F, 8 T, 9 T, 10 F, 11 T and finally 12 F.
We also made some listenings and read the transcription, which was really useful. At the end of the class we made a speaking activities in groups of 5 or 6 people and we were discussing about situations to say some sentences

For the next Wednesday, homework:
From the dossier 4 --> Shiatsu page and from Student's book, page 154, exercise 1

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Homework for this week (Wednesday 15th will be no class)

What have we made today?

First of all, we checked our exercises from the dossier, and we made from the Student's book, page 151, exercises 6 and 7. We made a listening from the trailer ARGO (dossier). And we also were speaking about the date of the exam: We are having exam on the 20th, that means, that we will be teached until the first week of June... no coment!! It will be too late, too hot, and worse than other years, but Cheer up! I consider this year could be the year... who knows? About some specifications about exam:
-Reading 50 minutes for 2 different exercises
- Listening, 2 differente with also 2 different exercises
- Writing, 200-250 words, 50 minutes? I don't remember, but it could fit. We still don't know if it will be 2 options like in 2012.
- Speaking:
                          a.- 4 minutes to prepare your topic + 4-5 minutes speech
                          b.- 8-9 minutes conversation. In pairs. (without time to prepare)

Exercises for next Monday the 20th:
- From the last dossier: pages 39 and 40 (Opposites 1 and Opposites 3)
- Reading "Housework tips", it is not in the dossier, this copies were given by our teacher in class, here you can watch them:


Monday, 13 May 2013

Homework 13th May 2013

Only activities Open Cloze (the same of piranhas): Thai food and Key word transformation. Only this and remember you that Wednesday and Thursday will be no class because our teacher will be in Cyprus.
Sorry one more time for the delayed post. I wanted to post before, but I didn't find the moment... See you around!

Isidoro Candel

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Homework 8th May 2013

On Monday we worked some listening activities, from the Student's book, and some exercises from page 94 (2 and 4) and from 95, exercise 1. We checked Home Comfort (previous activity), and I don't really remember any more. The exercises for today are "Clip Culture", pages 4 and 5 from the latest Dossier. I remind you that next 15th May, there won't be class due to the trip to Cyprus of our teacher.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Homework 29th April 2013

Sorry one more time for the delay... For the next Monday we should do exercises from the last dossier (which can be downloaded  from the teacher's blog), "Home Comfort" in pages 26,27 and 28. And from page 15 Speak out- Advanced progress... Have a nice weekend!!